10 Fun Things to Do in the Summer

10 Fun Things to Do in the Summer

Summertime–long nights, clear skies, perfect bonfire weather and plenty of swim time. All this and more is why so many people look forward to this season.

Are you looking for some fun ideas on things to do in the summer? Check out these unique activities that create memories and make those summer days and nights special!

1. Movie Nights in the Park

Depending on how big your city is, they may host a free movie night in the park. Usually, these events start in the early evening. Bring a blanket and pillow, a snack, and enjoy a free movie that maybe you’ve never seen before. It gets you out of the house and into the beautiful summer evening weather. ­

2. Bonfire on the Beach

Make sure you get permission first, but there is nothing better than watching the waves from the side of a bonfire. You get the refreshing spray of the water on your feet when you walk the shore.

Then, you relax by the fire with your favorite blanket. It’s romantic or just fun depending on who you’re with and you’re guaranteed to have a great time.

3. Campout in the Backyard

Sometimes planning for a campout far away is not time efficient. Why not take advantage of your own backyard? Bring smores, put the tent up, set up a fire pit and enjoy the night!

It’s charming, fun and makes memories with your kids or entire family they won’t soon forget.

4. Bike Around Your City

Daytime activities can be exciting, especially if you get a different view of your city. Instead of driving around, get on your bikes and ride the bike trails.

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There’s nothing like seeing your local town with an up-close tour, and you decide where you want to stop. Pack a picnic lunch in a backpack and relax whenever you’re ready.

5. Tour the Local Cemeteries

Touring local cemeteries is fun with the right group. There’s so much history and so many stories to consider, and it’s very nostalgic. You never know what names you’re going to run across or what beautiful headstones are going to share for the observant visitor.

Obviously, not every story is great, especially if they passed away due to an accident. Maybe they needed a great motorcycle accident lawyer or maybe they passed away enjoying their favorite activity. Conversations like these and much more are interesting to have with friends and family as you visit these sites.

6. Things to do in the Summer: Take a Hike

Hiking is the best way to enjoy the outdoors and do it for free! Choose a place you want to see. Set up a daytime plan and go for it! As long as you have good, comfortable shoes, a good supply of snacks and plenty of energy, you’re guaranteed to have a great day!

7. Sign up for Library Fun

Local libraries often host fun events for families and individuals during the summer. Sometimes, they may show movies or host craft nights. Other evenings may include readings of classic stories or local theater. Check out what your local libraries offer by visiting their websites.

8. Exercise as a Family

Have each family choose their favorite way to get active and then take turns participating as a family group. Whether you’re biking, walking, skating or jogging, everyone is going to benefit from exercise.

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It’s a healthy foundation skill to teach your kids. It’s also helpful to stay active every day, just for overall good health.

9. Learn the Constellations

Nighttime skies are beautiful all the time, but when you understand what you’re seeing, they become educational. Get a map of the constellations and learn to identify them.

Find out where the planets are during the summer months and monitor their track across the sky. You’ll get to enjoy cosmic beauty with great weather and make celestial memories all at the same time.

10. Read a List of Classic Books

There is no time like the freedom of summer to enjoy a great book, including the classics you might want to catch up on. Make a list of books to read and then check them off as they’re completed.

If you have kids, turn it into a game and see who can finish their book first. This type of game is relaxing, fun and competitive, and your reading skill will improve at the same time.

Make Your Summer Plans

No matter how you choose to spend your summer, enjoy it. Don’t let a day go by where you don’t consciously make a choice to spend the time happily.

These months go by quickly and if you’re not sure what fun things to do in the summer, this post should give you some inspiration. Share your ideas, contact us for more, and have a great time!

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