3 Ways to Get Bold and Beautiful Look

3 Ways to Get Bold and Beautiful Look

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Do you badly want a makeover?

Are you longing to see yourself in a bold yet beautiful look?

Then this blog is just for you!

Embracing your own self can be beautiful in itself. But making yourself presentable in a bold way is of no harm! In the beginning, it may seem impossible & inconvenient to carry it effortlessly. But don’t lose your heart. Enhancing your best features will be possible even with bold wear. Unconventional shades will indeed lead to an extraordinary & eye-catching look that you have not even imagined before! Just put a little more attention and effort & you will surprise yourself with an amazingly bold and beautiful you!

Let’s dive into three ways which will help you get that perfect look in just a few easy steps.

  1. Coloured eyeliners do wonders!

Have you ever thought of coming out of the comfortable, everyday look with a coloured eyeliner? If not, then this is the time to go for it! Buy a good quality, long lasting and bright coloured eyeliner of your choice. Matte, creamy or liquid whatever it may be. But, make sure you opt for the texture that you are the most comfortable in. Apply the usual black eyeliner on the eyelid. To give your eyes that extra pop, apply the coloured eyeliner above that. You can also create a dramatic effect by drawing a winged liner in both colours. Girls party dresses, nude lips and this bold eye look together will make you ready to rock the world!

3 Ways to Get Bold and Beautiful Look eyes

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Another way to create a stunning eye look can be a coloured lower eye line. This can be achieved by drawing the lower eyeliner with a coloured cream pencil of your choice. To balance the eye look, you can draw the upper lid with natural black eyeliner. A hint of nude eye shadow will also make the colour of the eyeliner pop out beautifully.

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3 Ways to Get Bold and Beautiful Look green shadow

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  1. Highlight to let your features shine!

In day to day natural makeup looks, we often avoid using bold highlighters. Since a subtle look is more popular for daily wear, highlighters are not always needed. But to create that bold, statement look, a good highlighter can be a great weapon.

To create the best results, you can start with a cream strobe under your foundation. Once you apply that evenly, you can apply the foundation that suits your skin tone. This combination together will create an inner glow if applied well. Then, to brighten up the highest points of the face, you can opt for a bright highlighter. If you have pores, then you

3 Ways to Get Bold and Beautiful Look makeup

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must take some extra precautions to prevent the highlighters from amplifying it.  Now, apply the highlighter on the cupids bow, under your eyebrows, on the top of your nose and cheekbones. To make it sharp, you can contour your face and finally even out all the products with a beauty sponge. Don’t forget to keep your eye look subtle. Otherwise, everything will turn out to be too bright and uneven which will only make you look weird. Apply some mascara, choose a natural lip colour and put on your confidence for the ultimate glow!

  1. Metallic colours are the new trend!

Be it lip shades or eyeshadow palettes, metallic colours are always to die for! From stepping out in your favourite fitness apparel brand to being ready in a gorgeous party gown, the metallic colours can be your saviour.

The best way to carry such a colour is to go for a bold & suitable metallic lipstick that perfectly suits your skin tone. Since the lipstick is going to be the main attraction of the entire look, you must keep the remaining makeup very subtle & minimum. If possible, apply a matte foundation to balance out the quirkiness of your lips. Apply a very soft blush and avoid too much contouring or highlighting. Use a black eyeliner very lightly on the upper eyelid to define your eyes. Let your eyes light up with some mascara too.

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3 Ways to Get Bold and Beautiful Look red lips

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Another best way to incorporate metallic colours in your makeup is a bold, beautiful metallic eye look. You can use a golden metallic shadow on the top of the lid after you apply the base eye makeup. To add depth to your outer corners, use a dark purple or black shadow. Complete the look with a black winged liner. Add some mascara to give volume to your eyelashes.

3 Ways to Get Bold and Beautiful Look smokey eye

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While creating a bold look, it is not always necessary to go for an unconventional approach. Using the same makeup products with a little creativity and twist, you can easily do a bold makeover. The tips mentioned above will bring out the best in you while looking uniquely bold, beaming & beautiful. Go with your instincts, experiment with the colours & use your creativity to get the look you adore. But amidst all these hassles, don’t forget to conquer the world with your smile, confidence and elegance!

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