Clearabee is Your Ultimate Skip Hire Company in the UK

Clearabee is Your Ultimate Skip Hire Company in the UK

Making multiple trips to the recycling facility is time-consuming and makes your vehicle wear out fast. Skip hire companies help solve this problem by providing skips and collecting rubbish on behalf of the homeowner. You only need to arrange the ideal location to place the dustbin for collection. Some homeowners prefer hiring individuals to dispose of their waste. This is not prudent as the law stipulates that waste removal is your responsibility. Thus, if the individual decides to fly-tip the waste, you will be fined and held liable for any harm that the rubbish may have caused to a third-party. Clearbee is a reputable skip hire company in the UK that offers waste removal services to homes and businesses. It is known as the largest man and van rubbish clearance company that operates in-house. Here are more reasons you should engage the company.

Same Day Collection of Rubbish

It not only saves your time but also makes a cost-efficient method of rubbish removal. Man and rubbish removal make the best waste collection service for same day rubbish collection. You only need to call, send a photo or email to arrange a collection place. In case you don’t know the volume of waste you have, the company offers an in attendance service that carries all the rubbish you want to dispose of. This was you don’t need to spend time moving rubbish to the disposal depot, and you don’t have to purchase additional equipment for carrying waste.

A Variety of Skips

It is challenging to estimate the volume of your waste. As such, Clearabee offers a variety of skips to meet the different needs of its clients. The smallest container measures two yards (1.5m3), the medium load is four yards and the large skip measures six yards. You can estimate the cost of rubbish collection when making a quote, which includes labor, the service, and VAT.

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Fast Delivery of Beebags

Whether you are cleaning or moving house, you can order a beebag and receive it on the same day. The bags arrive tightly packed for easy storage in case you don’t want to use right away and are available in small, medium, large and extra large sizes. The company allows 12 months for the user to arrange a collection. Additionally, our beebag service does not require users to take the rubbish to the curb for pickup. Our waste collection professionals pick up the beebags from your house or another safe place you have specified.

Proper Waste Management

Proper treatment of waste is critical to maintaining a clean and safe environment. Skip hire service is an excellent solution for companies that promote waste management while retaining debris on-site for some time. The service provides skips for different types of waste, including bulky, light and heavy construction waste, soil and mixed waste and when you are ready to dispose of the rubbish, it takes it to a recycling facility.

Reasonable Quotes

The company provides a quote based on the information given at the time of booking. The bin men verify the weight before collection and make changes before clearing. Quotes are charged based on the estimated volume instead of the weight of the load. The weight is only used when the waste is extremely large or heavy, e.g., soil, bricks or rubble.

Clearabee, an on-demand waste removal company, is famous for diverting up to 90% of the waste collected from landfills as most of the waste is taken to recycling plants. With only six years in operation, the company has a client base of more than 30,000 customers given its wide range of waste removal services, including Man & Van clearance, skip hire, the sale of Beebags and sofa removal, among other services.

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