Does Amp Improve Rankings, Engagement, And Conversions?

Does Amp Improve Rankings, Engagement, And Conversions?

Studies show that AMP generates more revenue and a positive ROI. This includes a previous analysis by Stone Temple as shown in the canonical AMP guide. Also, an economic impact study describes how faster page loading increases conversions, traffic, and pages per visit. There are many positive cases of individual use of how websites are succeeding with AMP, but there are also stories out there where things did not go so well. That is generally because the implementation was poor, which resulted in an unpleasant UX. Moving from a slow site with a large UX to a fast site with a poor UX is probably not a victory.

But what about a study that evaluates the impact of AMP on millions of pages, in industries and multiple domains? To date, there has been no comprehensive large-scale study of MPAs of this type until the one you are reading right now.

WompMobile, a software platform that converts websites into AMP pages and Progressive Web Apps, focuses on developing fast mobile experiences. From publishers and businesses to e-commerce, this study presents 26 web domains and more than 9 million pages of AMP. All AMP implementations of WompMobile were examined to see the overall performance of those pages together. All AMP WompMobile projects were included in the study, if they had 30 days of accurate data on the Google Search Console before and after the launch of AMP. The Google Search Console only retains data for 16 months.

Does AMP provide ranking gains?

Measuring the earnings of the rankings is a complicated process and full of nuances. It’s not as simple as counting how many keywords go up or down, or how many are in the top 5 before and after. These types of measurements are misleading since they do not take into account the fact that some search terms are much more important than others. The preference is to calculate a “Search visibility” score based on measurement increases in the general presence in the SERPs. Given the scale of the work for this study, it is decided to do it by obtaining data from Google Search Console (GSC) in the overall impressions generated in all the classified keywords, as well as in their rankings.

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Then you have to apply on the click-through table that you will obtain from BrightEdge to calculate the amount of potential traffic that those rankings could offer. Then you summarize these numbers for all participating sites, using the 30 days before AMP implementation and comparing it with the subsequent 30-day period.

Why 4/5 sites examined saw organic traffic gains?

Does Amp Improve Rankings, Engagement, And Conversions?

Approximately one in five sites saw no improvements after their AMP implementations. There are a variety of factors for this:

AMP cannot save a declining site: While AMP can provide great benefits, it cannot go around a site that is on a strong downward path. Some of the websites evaluated as part of this study had a downward historical trend and decreasing traffic. That said, in some of these sites you saw that the traffic was flattened and stabilized, and in some cases, it led to an upward trajectory.

Seasonality makes a difference: Given the methodology of looking 30 days before and 30 days after AMP implementation, the time of year, promotion and other seasonal variables can have important effects on traffic and site engagement.

Market conditions are an important factor: No website lives in a vacuum, and competing sites may be making changes at the same time. This can cause any potential gain from an AMP implementation to be compensated.

The particular engagement metrics that Google uses may not be affected: While progress was seen in most AMP implementations, this does not necessarily mean that all search metrics were affected. For example, likely, a site with an average search ranking of 1 to 2 does not see a significant improvement in ranking. Similarly, a site could see an improvement in CTR, but a decrease in impressions and clicks.

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