Flowers with Surprising Meanings

Whether it is the vivid colors or the sweet fragrances, each and every flower is unique and has its meaning. When it comes to express feelings to someone, a flower is one of the best ways to show love or gratitude or even empathy. There is nothing better than a bouquet of beautiful flowers.

For your every emotion and every occasion, you can always find some particular and unique flowers to devise them, instead of articulating the same words. It is no surprise that for centuries, we have been conveying our emotions and speaking the language of love through flowers.

Knowing the Flower Names and Their Meanings

Did you know that every flower has its hidden meanings? And did you know that offering a wrong flower with a different sense for a different situation can be awkward? From birthday parties to weddings, anniversaries, illnesses, and funerals, flowers are the best option to express your feelings for all important occasions. Flowers and their meanings are beautifully described in floriography, which is the language of flowers.

It is important to know the meanings of the flowers before you decide to present them to someone. Nowadays you can buy flowers online, all you have to do is search online and can order from different varieties and collections. Ferns and petals are one of the leading online flower shops which come up with the best options. It offers a huge range of choices when it comes to selecting flowers for special occasions. Using Ferns & Petals Coupons, you can get additional discounts on your purchases.

The Symbolic Meaning of the Flowers

Even though the beauty of flowers was acknowledged since the old days, communicating coded messages with the imagery of flowers was more obvious during the Victorian era. During those days, gestures and sign languages were more mainstream than verbal communication. The Victorians sent coded messages by using various types of flowers in different numbers and arranging them in several styles as well as patterns. Later, the meaning of a flower also began to change with its color combinations and it is still in practice.

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Even today, everyone tends to use flowers based on their meaning. Almost each one of us knows the meaning of the fundamental flowers and their importance on various occasions. For example, sending a red rose to express love to your partner or gifting a yellow rose to a best friend to show gratitude towards the friendship. Well! Not exclusively do the roses have meanings, but almost all flowers which are identified to date have their very own meanings.

Different Flowers and Their Hidden Meanings

  1. Roses

Where they come from – The rose is believed to be 35 million years of age. It has recently been utilized in medicine and perfumery.

What Roses represent – Love.

What hidden meanings roses have – Surprisingly, roses do mean love as well as can refer to numerous feelings depending on the color. About 66% of the general population say that that red roses mean love, but additionally other colors such as pink, orange, and yellow roses mean happiness, white roses refer to compassion, and peach roses beautifully represent friendship. You can buy roses in different colors from Ferns and Petals – an online shop delivers flowers all over the country. Use Ferns and Petals coupon code in order to avail exciting deals and discounts on all your orders.

  1. Lilies

Where They come from – The white lily is known to be the Virgin Mary of Christianity. The lilies were used to commemorate the dead in funerals in ancient Rome, Egypt, East Asia, Greece.

What they actually represent – Funerals, Death and sorrow.

What hidden meanings they have – The lilies represent fertility (life), purity, eroticism, and funerals. Almost 30% of the people accept that the lilies can be given as a compassion flower, but 19.5% agree they would be great to give on a birthday since lilies speak to life and trust in the future. This hidden meaning demonstrates that the lily is never again observed as a flower of misfortune, but an agent of life and festivity.

  1. Chrysanthemums
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Where They come from – Chrysanthemums originated in China and were once thought to hold the power of life. Its roots have always been utilized as a solution for headaches, its petals were eaten in salads and its leaves were transformed into a celebratory drink.

What they actually represent – Optimism and joy.

What hidden meanings they have – Over the world, Chrysanthemums appear to refer to grief or death. In Italy, giving chrysanthemums implies you wish the person wasn’t alive. Then again in various countries like in Asia, Chrysanthemums basically represents lamentation and grief/death. Despite the chrysanthemums’ link to negative feelings, different surveys state the flower also associates with friendship, love or happiness.

  1. Tulips

Where They come from – The tulips were originally found in Persia around the tenth century. They were a prevalent point with thirteenth-century poets since they were viewed as a declaration of love and passion.

What they actually represent – Love.

What hidden meanings they have – Tulips can speak to a ton of emotions depending on the color. Purple tulips symbolize sovereignty, white tulips speak to forgiveness and yellow tulips symbolize sprightliness. A huge number of 76% of individuals stated in a survey said they would give tulips for a birthday, commemoration, or to congratulate someone. This clarifies the tulip has dependably been viewed as a ‘happy’ flower of positivity.

The next time you think of gifting someone flower, always remember their meanings first. The information mentioned above will surely help you with the same.

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