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Every citizen is liable to pay tax as specified by the government if a person falls in the slab or certain limits. To save the taxes to a good extent, some investment options are approved by the government.  After considering the income, one needs to go through all the options that can help the person to save the taxes. There are various tax saving options offered by the government among the best option is ELSS. This mutual fund offers a good return on the amount invested for a period of three years as well help them to save tax on their income. It is considered as the most viable option of investment for a middle-class person. The ELSS is considered as the best tool for tax exemption and at the same time offers maximum returns on the investment. 

The Fund: 

In general mutual funds, any amount can be invested, and a good rate of return can be earned. As the mutual funds are an investment tool, they have a direct link to the equity market, the amount which is collected is invested in the shares of many different companies in the market. An expert, known as a fund manager, helps to monitor the various investments and switch the same time to time. He also keeps an eye on the share market and the investments. The benefit of tax saving is offered in the best ELSS funds to invest in 2019. The client can invest in the ELSS an amount up to 150000 and can get tax exemption on this amount from his total net taxable income. 

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Invest in ELSS:

The investors who fall in the slabs of a tax bracket, the right option is to invest in ELSS and get the amount paid as the tax exempted amount. The best ELSS funds to invest in 2019 mutual fund portfolio is offered by various companies in the market, and this can be proved as a very helpful one for the one who wants to save tax. The lock-in period stated is for three years, and one cannot withdraw the amount invested in the funds for more profit and earning.  There is an exemption of tax till 150000, but in this case, the exemption is available to the investor if he invests the amount in advance in ELSS.

How to Invest?

It is really simple to invest in any scheme of ELSS, which can be done online as well as offline. For online investment, one has to visit the site of the company; one wants to invest and fill a simple form by giving the details and can create an account. The investor can online compare the mutual scheme of different companies and can choose the best one out there.  In offline mode, the investor has to visit an agent who deals in mutual funds and can take his valuable advice before investing in any mutual fund as they have a lot of experience. An investor can invest his amount in a single go or can go for an option of installment, which makes it easy and appealing to invest in mutual funds.

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