Reasons to Dive the Cayman Islands

cayman islands

There are many reasons to dive into the Cayman Islands. Here are some of the most popular destinations in the region: Devils Grotto, Eden Rock, Sunset Reef, and Bloody Bay Wall. You’ll also have the chance to see spotted eagle rays, turtles, and other marine life. Here, you’ll get to experience a variety of diving activities, from swim-thrus to scuba diving.

Devils Grotto

The Cayman Islands offer various diving options that other Caribbean islands don’t. With over 365 dive sites, you can enjoy everything from macro to healthy coral gardens. Plus, you can dive year-round! Here are the top reasons to visit the Cayman Islands! And while you’re there, don’t miss exploring the three islands! Below are a few of our favorite dive sites in the Cayman Islands from the Cayman Islands dive guide!

The North Wall is one of the most popular dive sites, but be sure to go during the off-peak months when the weather is calmest. Alternatively, the island’s East End is the most popular, although less scenic, and has fewer dive operations. Those who want to dive in the deep end should head to this side of the island, as these dive sites are known to house some of the world’s most giant reef sharks. In addition, you’ll find that most dive operations offer discounts during the low season, which is mid-April through mid-December. While the islands do not experience many currents or drift diving, you can take advantage of special events and programming throughout the year, including the International Scuba Diving Hall of Fame Ceremony.

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Eden Rock

The Devil’s Grotto is a diving site with incredible visibility. Located just off the coast of Eden Rock, this site is only accessible by divers who have a minimum of scuba diving experience. However, you can see massive tarpon and schooling fish swimming around the area. The dive center rents snorkel equipment for those who are new to diving. There are also several reasons to dive at Eden Rock.

Eden Rock is one of the most popular dive sites in the Cayman Islands. Massive schools of silversides surround the rocky wall, and you can also see tarpon in the vicinity. Another reason to dive at Eden Rock is the diversity of marine life. The sheltered caves provide a perfect backdrop for photographing and filming the enchanting landscape below. Eden Rock is best dived from April to September.

Sunset Reef

There are many fantastic dive sites in the Cayman Islands. Sunset Reef, located 60 meters off the shore of Sunset House Resort, is a famous shore dive. The reef slopes from 5 to 17 meters and is covered in gorgonians, sea whips, and hard corals. In addition to spotting colorful fish, Sunset Reef also offers the chance to explore the wreck of the LCM David Nicholson.

Another dive site at Sunset Reef is the USS Kittiwake. This ex-US Navy submarine was deliberately sunk in 2011 but was washed ashore in a storm. Various kinds of soft and hard corals grow on the ship, which is a popular place for underwater photography. In addition, the ship has many recompression chambers and the famous mermaid statue.

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Bloody Bay Wall

If you are interested in deep diving, the Cayman Islands Bloody Bay Wall is an excellent dive site. Situated off the north shore of Little Cayman, this wall begins at 18 feet deep and gradually drops to a depth of 1,000 feet. While the exact depth of the wall is debatable, it is home to many species of coral, sea fans, and marine life. There are numerous sites to choose from.

Despite the wall’s depth, it is also known as the Mixing Bowl. It is approximately 18 feet deep and can be reached by a gentle slope. You can expect many juvenile fish, turtles, and even Eagle Rays. In addition to stingrays, you may even see a few eagle rays. While diving into the Bloody Bay Wall, the resident goliath groupers, such as Boris and Natasha, will be seen.

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