Scope of Medical Tourism in India and Best Travel Hacks for Packing

Scope of Medical Tourism in India and Best Travel Hacks for Packing

The scope of medical tourism in India is growing and now India is among the top 5 destinations in the world when it comes to medical tourism. There are countries where the spending on public healthcare is limited and it is not evolved much, and there are many African, South American and Middle Eastern countries from where patients are coming to India for treatment. The treatments here are not just affordable but it is also cost effective and even from countries like Canada people visit here because they do not want to wait long to see a specialist.

As per several reports, India is among the biggest potential medical tourism markets of the future and this sector is growing swiftly in the country. Medical tourism in India may transform into a business sector worth $9 billion by the year 2020 as per several studies and reports. India is seeing a huge influx of people traveling for specialist medical treatments and it is estimated to be a $3 billion sector at present here. Apart from regular medical treatments and surgeries, medical tourists are attracted to India for its expertise in fields like wellness, Ayurveda and yoga among others. The boom in medical tourism has given a major boost to the healthcare sector in India.

Best Travel Hacks for Packing

One should use a travel bag that is very light when empty so that it does not become unnecessarily heavy when it is packed. Bags weighing less than 2.7 kilos is ideal.  One should also want to invest in packing cubes which makes packing and unpacking very easy. They take up slightly more space but makes your packing more compact and organized, allowing you to pack in extra items. One should also carry wrinkle-free materials of clothing and one should carry fewer toiletries as possible and get them on arrival. One can get a personal loan for travel to fulfill one’s bucket list.

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When packing, while you should never forget essential clothing and accessories, make sure that you have your vital documents with you, i.e. basic photo ID when traveling anywhere and also your passport and visa if you are traveling abroad. Keep them in a safe place, preferably in a small bag on your person or in your wallet/purse along with your credit/debit cards and cash. Make sure that you have these things with you at all times instead of leaving them anywhere. Try and buy cosmetics and other accessories upon arrival as mentioned to save space. Also, buy an all-in-one rechargeable power bank for your devices to save on space.

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