The main varieties of bourbon


One of the most intelligent drinks, which has its own indestructible canons of production and a unique portrait, is bourbon. This is a classic American whiskey made from corn and other grains. It began its history in the 18th century and since then has found recognition by millions of people around the world. One of its oldest producers is considered Peerless Bourbon, which bottled its first bourbon back in 1889. Since then, several classifications of the drink have appeared. Today we will analyze the main one, but first, we will consider what a true bourbon should be.

What drink can be called bourbon

Not every drink made from corn can be called bourbon. For example, the first distillation process for this alcoholic product was made in Bourbon County, Kentucky, USA. That is why only the drink that was produced in the same area can be called bourbon. There are also requirements adopted by the American authorities regarding the correct technology for its preparation. These include:

  • the distillation process should be carried out exclusively in oak barrels burned from the inside, to give the drink a natural golden brown hue;
  • it should reach a maximum of 80 percent Alcohol By Volume (ABV);
  • the product must be completely natural and not contain dyes and flavors;
  • the content of corn in the drink must be at least 51 percent.

The exposure period has no special requirements. Bourbon is ideally aged between 4 and 40 years. Such a drink is called high-quality, this is exactly what Peerless Bourbon Small Batch is, which is aged for at least 4 years. If the manufacturing process took less than 2 years, this must be indicated on the label of the drink.

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Main classification

Bourbon is divided into traditional, rye, and wheat.

No. 1. Traditional bourbon

To prepare a traditional drink, it should be based on about 70-80% corn. The rest of the mash is an equal amount of rye and barley. The drink acquires its unique golden hue, without the addition of coloring substances. This is achieved by using an aged mash based on water, grain, and yeast.

Traditional bourbon has notes of oak and caramel with vanilla that form the basis of a deep spicy drink with a slight sweetness and a long finish. Its spice directly depends on the amount of rye in the drink. The more it is, the more spicy the bourbon will be.

Most often, the drink is drunk in its pure form with a couple of ice cubes. But some make various cocktails based on it. The most popular representatives are Boulevardier, Mint Julep, Old Fashioned, and Kentucky Mule. 

No. 2. Rye bourbon

As the name suggests, more rye is added to rye bourbon, which gives the drink a little spiciness and makes it less sweet. In its composition: corn, a double serving of rye, and a minimum of barley.

Rye bourbon is notes of freshly baked rye bread with a slight spiciness dragging on the tip of the tongue. The most popular representatives are Rye Smash, Peerless Small Batch Bourbon, Bourbon Old Fashioned, Man O’War, and Rye Manhattan.

No. 3. Wheat bourbon

In wheat bourbon, rye is replaced with wheat, which gives the drink even more sweetness and softness. In all other respects, this version of the drink is identical to the traditional one. The product is suitable for beginners who have just begun to study the portrait of bourbon. Due to the presence of the aroma and taste of fresh wheat bread, the acquaintance will be extremely pleasant and will bring pleasure.

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Wheat bourbon is mild and sweet with a long aftertaste. The most popular representatives are Bernheim Buck and Forbidden Sour.


We have broken down the 3 main types of bourbon and found out what makes a drink real. To find the perfect product for you, just turn to Peerless Bourbon bottles. It has a long history in its arsenal, which was interrupted but revived with an even more unique culture and a unique look at the drink. The company produces a sweet traditional Peerless Bourbon and 4 varieties of Peerless Small Batch rye bourbon. In the latter, hints of caramel and pungent lights of rye are honestly conveyed, which smoothly turn to a sweetish aftertaste.


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