There’s a First Time for Everything: What to Know Before You Hire an Escort

There's a First Time for Everything: What to Know Before You Hire an Escort

So it’s your first time hiring an escort. Congratulations! You’re about to have a mindblowing time with a girl today.

There are many reasons why girls want to be escorts, but whatever it is should not be a problem. You’re excited to start, but here’s the catch:

What do you do when you hire an escort? What can you do after getting an escort? What can’t you do?

We have some escort tips that will make sure you and your escort will enjoy the entire experience. From how to get an escort to how to behave around them, this is the definitive guide you need.

Are you ready? Let’s get it on.

1. Make Sure Everything Is Legal

The first thing you need to do before getting an escort is to make sure it’s legal to hire one in your area. Different states have different laws for hiring an escort, so you need to make sure there are no prohibitions.

You would want to check on FOSTA/SESTA for the specifics that you need on the legality of the call.

2. Check Your Budget

If everything is clear on the legal side of things, the next thing you need to look at is your budget. Whether you’re checking on the internet or through a service provider, an escort for hire will have clear pricing options. If they don’t have clear pricing, they’re likely law enforcement or illegal.

Keep in mind that knowing what you can afford will save everyone the hassle. Count on the number of hours you’re hiring an escort. If possible, have a budget for at least two extra hours for any issues on your side.

Once you’re sure how to get an escort, start setting up your plan. Set a schedule, what you want to do and what you expect to happen. There is proper etiquette on getting escort service for a date. Visit the website for more details.

Some escorts have areas of expertise. Some are great with the “girlfriend experience,” while some cater to specific fetishes.

The idea is to communicate. Never do something that is not in the contract unless the escort agreed to it.

3. Read the Policies

Make sure that you agree with all the policies of the service provider. Understand the fine print when getting an escort.

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There are escort services that are exclusive for dates in events and functions. There are escort providers that involve sexual acts if need be. The point is that you want to protect yourself from any legal issues.

When you contact the escort or provider, the policies make sure that they’re ok with what you’re asking for.

4. Talking with Your Escorts

When hiring an escort, talk to them with respect or in a businesslike manner. Don’t start conversations like a thirsty madman. This is still a transaction after all.

Be polite and straight to the point. Since the transaction is you asking for their services, you want to leave a good impression with your escort. You want to be casual but professional regardless.

Don’t ask questions that your escort for hire might not be comfortable with. Many escorts use alter egos in this business, with day jobs at that. You don’t want to be too cozy too early.

5. Before the Escort Experience

Once you got a successful hire and got the details, fantastic! One of the escort tips we can tell you is to act normal. Escorts will not ride into your choice of location ready to go.

Many escort services tend to prepare on site. Depending on the event, they may come an hour early to set up. This means they’ll be wearing something for a date, and that’s ok.

Once you know how to get an escort, some of them go to a nearby hotel to prepare and go to you ready for the event. Depending on the task at hand, you need to keep communication.

Be on time. You’re paying by the hour, so readiness is vital.

Make sure you’re in your best form of health. Look good, smell good and be cool. Toothbrush, mouthwash, floss ASAP.

6. During the Experience

Once you’re getting an escort in, be courteous and respectful. Restrain yourself. Treat them like a visitor and let them relax.

Offer some drinks or a snack of some sort. If you’re paying by cash, make sure to give the payment in a clean envelope. Paying your escort for hire as early as possible gives you more chances to enjoy.

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An escort tip is not to worry if they call in. Some escorts make sure they’re secure by doing a call-in when they think they’re ok. This is for their safety.

By this time, you should know that your escort might request a hygiene check. This means you both will be showering, even if you did. This is another safety protocol.

If you’re leading for some sexy time, make sure you have the right contraception.

7. The Sexy Time

Depending on what you agree on, the experience can start as easy as some wine, some getting to know stuff and cuddling. It can also start with a pure sexual encounter, which includes some oral and intercourse.

Every experience will differ depending on the agreement. Even then, it’s both you and your escort for hire’s responsibility to enjoy the night. Let loose, do what’s on contract.

Many escorts will lead and make sure you enjoy. Even as a courtesy, you want the other party to like the experience as well.

8. After the Experience

Once you’re finishing up, this will end in some cuddling, chatting and around 15 to 30 mins left. They’ll likely freshen up again before your escort goes.

As for escort tips, it’s up to you if you want to tip. Tipping is a great way to motivate the escort to say yes for the next time. You don’t have to tip, and all that depends on the service.

Be courteous and a gentleman.

How You Hire an Escort

When it comes to getting an escort, there are many steps to the main event. This is ok, as you want to make sure you get the best time for your budget. If you hire an escort, keep to the rules and always play it safe.

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