Viral TikTok Beauty Products and Hacks


Tiktok has come a long way from being the new Now, more and more users are finding their next purchases through the app. The beauty industry has flourished on the app, as people rave about their favourite products in quick, snappy videos. 

From rosemary water for hair growth to dermal fillers, both natural and aesthetic treatments have been rising in popularity due to this app. So today, I thought I’d break down the best viral TikTok beauty products and hacks, and explore which ones are worth your money. 

  1. Caudalie Face Mask

This 5-star-rated beauty treatment went viral earlier this year after a TikToker with oily skin raved about its healing effects. The company describes the mask as a ‘vacuum for pores’. Its clay formula draws out dirt and impurities from the skin, leaving you with a fresh-faced, smooth appearance.

2. Ear Camera

I myself have tried to TikTok ear camera and can confirm it has been a life-saver of a product. I have Eustachian Tube Dysfunction, which makes my ears extremely prone to excessive wax and from this, discomfort. It has affected my hearing and led me to get at least 4-5 ear infections a year. 

I couldn’t clean my ears without getting an infection until I tried this ear camera. I purchased it off a TikTok live stream and it came with a USB charger, detachable heads and a Wi-fi connection to see directly in your ear. Now, I can safely and comfortably get rid of wax build-up in my ear, and it’s all thanks to this viral TikTok beauty find. 

3. Maybelline Sky High Mascara 

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Now this one went viral a little while ago now. But even in 2023, it will have its place on TikTok. Many users continue to rave about the dramatic effect this mascara has on your lashes. Being regarded as a long-lasting, ultra-dark and volumising mascara, the Sky High will certainly continue to make headlines in 2023. 

It doesn’t surprise me one bit, the mascara (tried and tested by myself) is truly amazing. It has a straight bristle brush that hooks onto the lashes, providing length and volume.

4. Sol De Janeiro 

I’ve listed the brand rather than one product because Sol De Janeiro continue to drop amazing products and each one goes as viral as the last on TikTok. Beginning with their Brazillian Bum Bum Cream and all the way to their Cheirosa 62 fragrance, the brand has become a fast favourite of beauty enthusiasts everywhere. Why? The smell. Some users even have gone as far as to call it the ‘best scent ever’. The brand itself describes it as a blend of young green coconut cream, praline and tropical orchids, making it the perfect scent for those of you who love a sweet smell.

5. Collection Filter Finish 

Duping the Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter, the Collection Filter Finish is in the makeup bag of all TikTok beauty lovers. 

The primer effectively creates an illuminated base, boosting the glow of your makeup look. Your foundation can sit prettily on top of this glowy formula, and your skin will look flawless. The biggest selling point? The price difference of course! The original Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter costs a whopping £36 per bottle. Whereas the Flawless Filter only costs a small amount of £6.99. I know which one I will be choosing.

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7. Trigwell Powder Puff

The Trigwell powder puffs made waves this year. The powder puff itself seems to have come full circle and has risen from the beauty graveyard since being replaced by the brush. Pushing the product into the skin can help it to look smoother, last longer and generally look less ‘cakey’. Since throwing away my old powder brush and trading it in for a Trigwell powder puff, my powder looks better but also feels better. The unique triangular shape allows for easier access underneath the eye, which can be a tricky area to reach with your makeup tools.

So trade out that crusty old powder brush, and upgrade to a Trigwell powder puff today. 

8. Tree Hut Sugar Scrubs 

You may have seen these sugar scrubs in aesthetic shower videos and self-care routine TikToks. Tree Hut works on the basis that everyone deserves good self-care, without compromise. 

Their luxurious and heavenly-scented sugar scrubs have made them a popular brand indeed in the TikTok universe. You can’t mistake their products, with bright colours and unique scents. 


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