Design Your “Home Sweet Home” With The Best Decorations Of Your Choice!

Design Your “Home Sweet Home” With The Best Decorations Of Your Choice

They say, ‘Home is where a person feels secured, comfortable and appreciated.’ The statement is indeed the truth! We return to our home by the end of the day to seek comfort and relaxation. Apart from your close family members and intimate parts of the house, the interiors play a significant role in lifting your mood when you return.

Do you want to decorate your home and make it new? A little bit of your favorite color, some antique paintings or pieces would do the job brilliantly. You can deal with the following ideas in a day and get results which look like it took days to get into execution.

Here are 12 best & simple home décor ideas!

  1. Add a bright color to the walls!

To bid the monochromatic styles a big good-bye, add a color of your choice to the walls. You can choose different shades of pastels or whites as it makes a little space look more prominent and are also very much in trend.

Switching into bold shades would be a good choice too! Try choosing different shades of one color for different walls of a room to finish with an artistic touch.

  1. Give the walls a more bit of life!

There are far better options than hanging pictures. All you have to do is, grab a paint brush and paint on your walls. If are not a painter person, you can switch to stickers, or use stick-on flowers, stars, or maybe a random geometric pattern.

You can also try putting some beautiful wall pieces like a mirror or a famous painting for a simple and classy look.

  1. Layers of rugs!

After you are done with the walls, it’s now time to give the dull floors a life, even if you have karndean flooring. Despite the beautiful tiles that you are having, it can get boring at times! Add rugs of contrasting colors to full up the entire floor and make it look aesthetic and rare. You can choose a big rug for the center of your drawing room for the sofa sets and the tea table. That would look good like it always did! For the bedroom, you can experiment with two to three rugs. In this case, you can opt for Rajasthani printed or choose one-colored rugs for a high-class finish.

  1. A textile for that chair in the room!
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You must have that one chair in your house which either lies dead or remains busy with clothes all the time. You need to work on that now! That simple, dead chair can go from basic to fascinating if you add some patterned pillow and a sheepskin rug. This is an effortless way of warming up your space along with combining colors to your room.

  1. Ditch the old coffee table!

It has been ages since the center coffee tables are being used. To give your living room a new shade, ditch that table with a low height, round cut marble-topped table. This will reshape the space with a unique outlook and delicacy. Decorate the table with a sleek vase and flower along with some books and a showpiece.  You can also keep a coffee mat on it to avoid coffee or tea stains on the table.

  1. The Elegant White!

Well, it is always worthy to keep a different section, opinion, chamber or whatever you say for WHITE. Anything in white is never old; it enhances the beauty the place the color fits in. From your wall to the curtains, all can be in white and stay extremely stylish. If you want an antique design, try designing with some yellow ceiling lights; if you want them to be very airy, keep some green plants in the room.

  1. Mix all for NEW!

If you are already tired with bold colors, simple and plain designs, it is time for you to be experimental. Try blending the colors of your walls, curtains, bed sheet and other accessories of the room to give it a new look. You can add more prints and keep it cozy and messy for the perfect bohemian feeling.

  1. Set an alcove for the Breakfast.
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For this idea, you need either a large window or a balcony with a beautiful view outside. Set the area with a rug of your choice and a bistro table with chairs. Keep some books of your choice or magazines to make your breakfast morning cozier.

  1. Lights will guide you to PEACE!

Even if you are not willing to change anything in your room, you can always add new lights. A single lamp hanging from the ceiling will add the beauty of melancholia in your place. You can also change your roof with some designs with the plaster of Paris and lights in them.

  1. An oversized mirror!

If you want to keep everything simple yet stylish, Mirror is your savior. If you have space in your bedroom, add a large mirror and place a dressing tool matching the color of the room. You can also set a round or abstract shaped mirror in your living room hall. This adds more life and taste to your life.

  1. All Black Zone!

Just like white, black has its aura! If you are a person who loves the dark, then you can decorate your interior with a black theme; color and shades adjacent to black. You can either paint the room all black or paint one wall black and others followed by light tones. Black always adds a sexy and bold finish to your room!

  1. Accent the place with Wallpapers!

Just pick a wall for the patterned papers in your house. Match the shade of the wallpaper with the other walls and go for it. It is easy to apply, fast and makes a huge difference.

The options to decorate your home are unlimited. You can always go with the options that you see or dig into your mind and create new styles. After all, it is your home! Give it the best version you can!

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