E-smoking side effects

E-smoking side effects

Everything we do has side effects, it’s not something that can be avoided. If you drink too much alcohol, you’ll feel nauseous. If you eat too much food, you’ll get bloated. If you exercise too often (especially without stretching) you’ll injure yourself. To minimize side effects, it’s important to do things in moderation, with balance, and to not overdo it. This is the case with smoking traditional cigarettes too. Smoke too much, you’ll become addicted and further compromise your health. To quit, people who are addicted to smoking cigarettes turn to other methods such as e-smoking, but e-smoking too has its side effects.

  • Addiction

Smoking cigarettes too often causes people to become dependent to them, this is due to the nicotine that is released from burning tobacco. But e-cigarettes also contain nicotine in them. For people trying to quit nicotine this makes sense, as they can sometimes moderate the amount of nicotine in the e-liquid of the e-cigarette. Unfortunately, many disposable e-cigarettes that are available in many stores all have nicotine in them. So, for the people who want to quit smoking and the people who are simply curious, this version is the one that is most likely to be bought as it is the most accessible. These e-cigarettes will do little to help people try to quit and will get people who never smoked regularly to become addicted to nicotine.

  • Physical effects

When e-smoking, you inherently inhale liquid that is vaporized. When doing this often after long periods of time physical side effects start to form that is similar to smoking any burning substance. People have reported that they have started coughing a lot, which is not uncommon and is likely due to foreign material in the lungs. There is also dry mouth and throat which, again, is similar of the side effects to smoking. There have also been reports of shortness of breath, also most probably due to aggravating the lungs with the vapor. Throat irritation has also been reported, this is most likely due to the fact that the e-liquids that come in various flavors use many chemicals for the flavors to be as intense as they can be.

  • Long term effects
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Sadly, there has not been much research done into the side effects of long-term e-smoking. What we do know is that compared to regular cigarettes, the risks are far less great, though not completely gone. The hope is that people who are e-smoking so they can eventually lose their nicotine addiction, will stop e-smoking all together. The hope is not to continue using e-cigarettes but to discard them once they have fulfilled their purpose, though it has become less and less likely for that to happen.

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