Heart Bypass Surgery: An overview

There are several issues that might develop in the heart for which doctors may recommend the patient to undergo bypass surgery if deemed suitable. This type of surgery provides a route, referred to as commonly as a bypass to allow blood and oxygen to reach the heart unhindered. When implemented, it ensures that the patient does not face any type of issues associated with coronary artery disease. There is, however, a strong possibility of the heart getting blocked. Heart bypass surgery cost in India being cost-effective, getting a surgery done here is easy and can provide a second lease of life to the person. 

Surgical remedy

The patient before undergoing the heart bypass surgery will be provided with anesthesia. Once unconscious, the surgeon will create an incision of 10” long in the middle of the chest. After this, the breastbone gets partitioned, so as to create an opening to help the surgeon to view clearly the heart and the aorta. Those who undergo coronary bypass surgery get linked with heart-lung bypass equipment. 

  • The equipment’s main function is to function like that of a heart while carrying out the surgical process. Besides this, oxygen is inserted by the equipment to the blood. 
  • When the patient gets linked to the equipment, his/her heart stops functioning. 

But the latest routine is not known to employ this equipment. With regards to bypass creation, there is a need to know the heart still beats, which is referred to as off-pump coronary artery bypass in medical terminology. This routine is sure to prove to be useful to those experiencing issues due to heart-lung equipment. At the time of off-pump coronary artery bypass, the surgeon would take out an artery from the patient’s body and from any part. 

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Commonly availed treatment

The last three decades have witnessed an increase in the number of patients availing coronary bypass surgical treatment. This surgery is being used for treating blocked heart arteries. Blood vessels from the other body parts are used during the bypass operation to redirect blood surrounding the blocked artery. In this manner, there is re-established proper flow of blood to heart muscles. 

Difference noticed between survival rates among heart patients being treated for bypass surgery along with those getting medical treatment is very little. Bypass surgery does offer immense relief to the pain faced by the patient. 

Some conditions making coronary bypass surgery to be a real savior

Coronary bypass surgery mostly is performed to provide relief from immense pain and to ensure a prolonged life. Some instances are present where the surgery might fail to provide the necessary respite and can at times even prove to be fatal. Few such situations are given below:

  • If left main coronary artery gets blocked bleakly or narrowed, then blood supply and oxygen to left ventricle (the heart’s main pump) is likely to be blocked completely, thus leading to a potential and fatal heart attack. It can also cause serious damage to the left ventricle. 
  • If the patient has two or probably more coronary lesions as well as left ventricle properly functioning, then it is an indication of the person showing early symptoms and signs of having heart disease. He/she is likely to exhaust very quickly, while the heart starts to pump weakly, but rapidly. 
  • The patient could experience unbearable angina or chest pain which can be a result of narrowed arteries. This is rather regarded to be a vital indication of bypass surgery treatment to be required since poor amount of oxygen is supplied to the heart muscles. 
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If the blockage is not being able to be opened with the help of angioplasty or if blockage once again develops after angioplasty, then there will be required coronary bypass surgery. 

Life after the surgery

Bypass surgery significantly improves the flow of blood to the heart. But it is not exactly a cure to treat the underlying conditions of coronary artery disease. Perhaps, new blockages may emerge in the arteries or grafts that are not bypassed. Hence, it is crucial to ado a healthy lifestyle and diet and to treat aggressively high cholesterol levels. Since CABG surgery cost in India is low, patients do have a chance to prolong their lives and enjoy the surgery.

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