How to Find a Trustworthy Marriage Green Card Lawyer

Green Card Lawyer

One of the things the most important things that you should consider when getting a green card lawyer to help with your immigration needs is to see if they are trustworthy.

Aside from their expertise, a green card lawyer who can sympathize with you and your situation can prove to be a better choice compared to one who just wants the job to be done. The immigration process is a long and tedious journey and it can take its toll on the applicant.

Having a lawyer whom you can trust will make the process seem much lighter and before you know it, it is finished.

So, how can you find a trustworthy lawyer to help you with your marriage green card? Here are some points to look for.

They should be legitimate lawyers

Only a practicing and certified immigration lawyer can help you with all your legal news. Without the proper knowledge and understanding of the already complicated immigration laws, you may just be wasting time and effort in your marriage green card lawyer application.

This is a critical factor because even if a person says he is capable of helping you out, there are limitations to what they can do that only a certified immigration lawyer can do. Even if they claim to have helped other people in the past, the most they can do is to point you to where you should go in the process.

A trustworthy lawyer will not just take you through the process but will provide you with suggestions that can help you choose the right path during your application. This is a valuable service they give to their clients.

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Research about their background

To know if they are legitimate, do a little background check. You can do this online by searching the database of a state bar association and the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA). This is an organization that includes attorneys who have showcased excellence in their practice.

Aside from these sources, you can also check out independent websites that review attorneys and how they have helped their clients when applying for their marriage green cards.

Avoid lawyers who have malicious intent

If an attorney suggests you do something illegal, then you probably should stay away from them. Even if they say that they know their way around the law, anything that seems out of the question is likely to make it more difficult than help you.

As law practitioners, they should be the foremost advocate of following it. Another thing to consider is that if they can twist the law to gain its favor, then it is more likely that they may also try to gain your favor through malicious means.

The same goes for lawyers who give unrealistic promises. Those who say they can guarantee success in your visa application. This is too good to be true and chances are, it is. The immigration law is very complicated and can be unpredictable because it varies on how it deals with applicants on a case to case basis.

You can trust an attorney who sets realistic expectations than someone who guarantees a 100% success rate.

Compare advice

If you need to confirm what your attorney is saying, try to find another piece of advice. If the other lawyer said the same thing, then you know you can trust the lawyer you asked for in the first place.

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While it may take time for you to find the best green card lawyer to fit your needs, a trustworthy lawyer will prove to be the best step in your marriage green card application. They will not just provide you with the standard services, they can also reduce the stress in the process. Additionally, they can also help you out in the future should you need their services further.

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