Varieties of grain improvers 


In the midst of the pandemic and crisis in Europe, the company “Grain Improvers” has introduced a conceptual new solution to the market. This Enzyme can improve the quality of grain before grinding it. As a result, flour from such grain meets the highest quality standards of each category. The company’s product line includes various Enzymes. Some of them are designed specifically for lower quality grain. Alternatively, these Enzymes can be used to work on outdated equipment. Other Enzymes are able to improve the quality of grain for the production of premium flour.

The essence of the technology is the preparation of grain before grinding. The preparation consists of fermentation of the grain shell. This process leads to a significant softening of the shells. This allows you to increase the quantity and quality of the endosperm. Thus, because of grinding, more flour is formed, which has higher quality characteristics. This allows you to work with grain of any quality, improving its characteristics. The procedure increases the productivity of flour milling. At the same time, depreciation of equipment and energy costs are reduced. In the long term, the use of natural enzymes for softening grain shells can seriously facilitate the subsequent stages of milling production on a permanent basis.

In addition, there are specific results for each type of Enzymes. For example, Grain Improvers Durum is designed specifically for the manufacture of pasta. This formula improves the yellow pigment. Alternatively, Grain Improvers Durum is suitable for flour that for used for bakery products. As a result, the products are lusher and have better taste properties. Grain Improvers Antibac reduces the chance of mold development in flour. Reduces the possibility of contamination of equipment during the production of flour.

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Thus, it is possible to select enzymes for the needs of production. This allows you to save your budget, since you do not need to overpay for additional results.

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