10 Gifts for Musicians That’ll Make Their Hearts Sing

10 Gifts for Musicians That'll Make Their Hearts Sing

What gift can you buy the ivory tapper who’s the next Mozart? Or what can you get for your sister who’s a karaoke queen? And what can you buy for your friend who’s guitar skills would give Hendrix a run for his money?

If music is their life, the best gift you can give is something that will celebrate their musical passion. But every music lover is different. From the gifted classical musician to the friend who’s addicted to rock concerts, we’ve covered all bases in this list.

Keep reading for 10 “note-worthy” gifts for musicians. Are you ready? Let’s rock on!

10 Best Gifts for Musicians

The perfect gifts for music lovers will rouse up their musical passion even more. But before you start adding things to your virtual shopping cart, you need to consider these key points:

  • Preferences: Make a list of the interests of the person. For example, do they have a unique music collection? Do they play a certain instrument?
  • Age: Teenagers will love the latest technology, such as iPods or Bluetooth speakers. But adults may have more unique choices, such as a jukebox or vintage record player.
  • Think outside the box: Don’t opt for a generic iTunes gift card. Use your imagination and get them something that they will truly value.
  • Get personal: If your music lover is a bit quirky, they may love a whimsical personalized gift.

You also need to take into consideration the occasion and your budget, as some musical gifts will be more expensive than others.

Now you’ve got everything in mind, it’s time to find the perfect musical gift.

1. An Instrument (Of Course!)

If you’re buying a gift for the next musical prodigy, the best thing you can buy is an instrument. It’s logical really! From a ukelele guitar to a full-blown grand piano, buying an instrument for a musician is something they will surely appreciate.

But as wonderful as musical instruments are, they can take up a lot of space. Especially when it comes to larger instruments, such as a piano or a set of DJ turntables. If your home isn’t big enough, you may need to store your instruments in an alternative location.

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Read more here about storage solutions for your precious musical instruments.

2. Gifts for Singers

A seasoned singer will no doubt already have the perfect mic, speaker, and other gear. A cool gift they may not have thought of is a portable humidifier. This device can add moisture to the air, which can create the best atmosphere for singing.

And for those who can’t live 10 minutes without music, get them a wireless shower speaker. This will bring their singing in the shower to a whole new level.

3. Music Teacher Gifts

Give your music teacher something back with a well-thought-out music teacher gift. For instance, you could buy a quirky music-themed tie, one with piano keys or musical notes.

If you want to get them something more practical, why not buy a musical binder to record all their appointments and keep their sheet music in order.

4. Gift for the Guitarist

For the budding Jimmy Page, give your guitar lover a guitar-themed gift.

For example, guitarists are well-known for losing their picks. Get them a DIY guitar pick punch so that they can make their own and have a constant supply.

5. For the Concert Goer

Not all music lovers can actually play themselves. Some just love to listen. For the regular concert goer, why not buy musical gifts that will enhance their experience?

For example, buy special earplugs that are specially designed to stop ear damage without muting any sound from loud concerts. This will allow them to enjoy the concert in comfort without missing a beat.

Or why not buy them a ticket to a concert or festival they don’t want to miss? You could even go with them.

6. For the Techy

The techy music lover who’s always tapping away on a smart drum kit will love a techie gift. For example, a hardcore Bluetooth speaker. Or Bluetooth noise-canceling headphones.

7. The Vintage Lover

For the friend who’s always rocking a vintage look, choose musical gifts that’ll give them a blast from the past.

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Your vintage friend will love a classic turntable with a twist. Modern turntables can play both vinyl records and MP3s but still have an antique look. Another cool vintage gift is a mini jukebox that they can connect their iPod up too.

8. The Sports Enthusiast

Many sportsmen and women love music too. The music they choose when they’re training can even affect their performance.

For the music lover who’s also sporty, buy them a running vest with speakers. Sure, headphones are a great choice too. But a vest with speakers will surround them with exhilarating beats.

9. For the Aspiring Musician

If your music lover wants to make the switch from listening to playing, help them on their musical journey with a music gift. For example, buy a “Play the Ukulele Starter Kit” or “Learn to Play the Piano” DVDs.

If they’re serious about learning, you could sign them up for lessons!

10. Get Random

Music lovers will love musical-themed gifts too. They can use the whimsical gifts to decorate their home or add to a funky memorabilia corner in their home.

For example, retro vinyl coasters or a repurposed vinyl wall clock. You can even buy personalized doormats that look like a classic amp. What better way for your musical friend to say “we are music lovers” as guests walk through their door.

Another cool music gift is major scale musical wine glasses. There are measurements on these drinks glasses to show exactly how much liquid you need to create a musical note. With enough glasses, you and your musical friends can create a wine glass symphony.

The Gift of Music

Music is a gift in itself. When you’re buying gifts for musicians, there’s nothing better than a gift that’ll get their musical fingers twitching.

When you’re buying gifts for friends or family, knowing their likes and dislikes can help you to find the perfect gift. Check out our gifts and presents page to find gift ideas for a variety of personalities.

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