10 common moving mistakes to avoid

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Moving to a new place can be quite overwhelming. To help you make your move less stressful, we have gathered a list of 10 common mistakes you should definitely avoid. Let’s figure out ways how you can turn your nerve-wracking move into a smooth ride.

Mistake 1: Spending too much money on packaging

Many times you need to relocate on an urgent basis and make hurried decisions on the go, let alone hiring overpriced movers and packers. However, if you own a mini truck or an SUV, you could pack a few items yourself and carry them along, especially the fragile ones. This saves you extra cost. In addition, right-sizing the carton lineup and using old boxes and newspaper can be of great help. These items are easy to come by, and often free of charge. A great piece of advice, spend a little extra time scrounging to save money on packaging.

Mistake 2: Not knowing your dimensions well enough

Wouldn’t you be disappointed to learn that your contemporary style bookshelf has no space in your new home? Or the tasteful decor items you shopped extensively during your travel abroad do not go well with the limited space in your new living room? You wouldn’t like them to go wasted. Before you allude yourself to a pain point, make sure to measure the clearance space in your new residence prior to moving day. You don’t want to arrive at your new home only to find that your exquisite large furniture won’t only fit through the front door.

Mistake 3: Failing to research your mover

What if you hired your movers and packers in a jiffy? Did you check whether they are licensed by your state’s Department of Transportation? Did you verify their records with the Better Business Bureau, a non-profit accreditation provider in the United States? As a word to wise, thoroughly research your moving company before committing a contract. If possible, go with references. Do not forget, it’s your indispensables you are trusting them with.

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Mistake 4: Packing heavy items in big boxes

Heavy, bulky items are the reason for which you need to hire a movers company. Items like your bed,  your dining tables, your sofa and many more may suffer serious damage if transportation is not smooth. Instead of packing and wrapping these items in single piece try to split up into multiple pieces to avoid wear and tear. Also, keep in mind, heaviest items should always go in the smallest possible boxes.

Mistake 5: Forgetting to change your address

You may expect some important mails to be delivered at home, but you forget to update your address online. Also, you must update your address with your friends and family, in case someone tries to surprise by paying a visit. It is one of the most common mistakes which many people do while relocating. For step by step process address change process, check out https://www.megcor.net/filling-usps-change-of-address-form-online/ before you move and make sure your new address is also updated on the same.

Mistake 6: Disrespecting your movers

How would you feel if your employer misbehaves with you in front of your colleagues? You certainly feel offended. Similarly, you hire a movers company and sign a contract with them to trust them with your belongings. But, what if you misbehave with them or shout at them, while loading of items is going on?  They might feel insulted and do not take proper care of your items. Instead, you must introduce yourself to everyone on your moving crew and have refreshments ready for each one of them. Be polite and make a good impression. This way, they will protect your belongings over the long haul.

Mistake 7: Taking taxes too casually

There are certain items which make it to the list of tax relaxations, while you are relocating. Before moving, make sure you pay a good glance on specific guidelines as to which move-related items are tax-deductible and which aren’t. This way, you will have a fair idea of how much you will be spending on your overall move.  You can refer the IRS Website and keep all relevant receipts handy.

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Mistake 8: Leaving outside of the boxes vacant

Since moving is a tedious process involving packing and unpacking items. In this process, you may forget which items were placed in which boxes? Before your moving day, remember to label your boxes carefully. Also, do not throw away handling instructions booklets of your electrical items, and information on the box’s contents. Also, pre-decide and mark outsides of your boxes stating which room it’s destined for in your new home.

Mistake 9: Losing your bill of lading

If your entire move goes unplanned, there are chances that you lose a critical document something like your lading bill. For a clearer understanding, the lading bill is the contract between you and your mover. It is essential to safeguard it and keep it ready until the move is complete. If any problems arise on the way, this bill protects you. So treat it with the utmost care until the move is complete.

Mistake 10: Packing flammable, explosive or corrosive items

Did you know that a home is full of explosives, flammable or corrosive items? Yes, you have all around you. But, we do not realize them until we have to pack items and move to a new home. Also, these items are quite prone to extensive fire risks, if anything goes wrong. A vintage wine, nail polish remover, wrought iron table, and many more are potentially harmful. listen to your mover carefully and let him pack items like these according to safety norms. In other words, you could be in violation of laws and put yourself and your mover in danger.

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