The Underestimated Diamond Feature You Should Check: Fluorescence

diamond fluorescence

A diamond carries a lot of attributes. If you plan on buying one it’s important to be aware of what makes each diamond unique from each other. One of the most overlooked attributes would be the diamond fluorescence.

Why does a diamond’s fluorescence matter? How do you know if the fluorescence is good or not? Does the fluorescence change the cost of the diamond?

Before you buy any diamonds from a jeweler, make sure to learn about how they are being valued. There are plenty of factors that make a diamond stand out from a similar-looking one. Read more about how fluorescence influences a diamond below.

The Impact of Diamond Fluorescence

Diamond fluorescence is what you call when the ultraviolet (UV) light hits its surface. This then enhances the visibility of some of the diamond’s attributes. The fluorescence makes these elements radiate or glow. When you see a diamond glowing under the UV light, this is their fluorescent form showing.

An important thing to note about fluorescence is that not every diamond has it. Around 25% to 35% of them only have a certain degree of fluorescence. This may not be a big factor for some buyers of diamond rings. But it helps to know if your diamonds has strong or weak fluorescence.

According to the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), the diamond fluorescent grade is:

  • None
  • Faint
  • Medium
  • Strong
  • Very Strong

The American Gem Society Laboratories (AGSL) grading scale is:

  • Negligible
  • Medium
  • Strong
  • Very Strong

Is Diamond Fluorescence a Good or Bad Thing?

If a diamond has very strong blue fluorescence, it becomes a darker diamond. This can affect clarity and might not appeal to those who want clearer looking stones. Higher colored stones among grades D, E, and F will have setbacks from strong fluorescence.

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When a diamon has a warm yellow tint, strong fluorescence can make them whiter. This is because they remove the faint yellow hue of the diamond. Fluorescence will not affect the strength, sparkle, or structural integrity of the diamond.

How Does the Fluorescence Affect a Diamond’s Cost?

A diamond that has the fluorescent attribute cost 10% to 15% lesser than clearer ones. Those that are in the faint or none grade tend to be more pricey. It’s good news for those who want better value and more savings. Fluorescence will not affect the physical look of the diamonds.

GIA only mentions the fluorescences grade for transparency on their certificate. This means you can get the diamonsa of your choice in the shade that you like without overpaying. You can choose a lower graded diamonds but with good fluorescence under a great price.


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