What Should You Know About Zantac Lawsuit?


The Zantac lawsuit is amongst the most widely known lawsuits in the medical sector. Zantac is a popular GERD and heartburn drug and taken by a huge number of people throughout the world. If you do not know about the brand Zantac, you must be aware of its generic term – ranitidine. The two have a similar chemical composition. 

The Zantac lawsuit got famous because the patients taking this drug claimed that it caused cancer. And these claims are true. People have developed cancer, including throat, lung, esophagus, stomach, and leukemia. If you or someone close to you have taken this medicine for a prolonged period and is showing negative side effects, get the person checked by the doctor to find out if Zantac medication correlated with their illness. If yes, you can file for the Zantac lawsuit. 

About The Basis Of Zantac Lawsuit 

This lawsuit didn’t surface like that and gained worldwide attention because of a big reason. The lawsuit emerged from the fact that particular chemical components in ranitidine or Zantac were proved to possess a positive link to cancer. Amongst the major chemical components is n-nitrosodimethylamine or NDMA. This is the hepatotoxic chemical that is found to cause the following side effects – 

  •       Stomach cancer 
  •       Tumors in the liver, lungs, kidneys
  •       Liver fibrosis and scarring 
  •       Bladder cancer

This is why the World Health Organization declared NDMA as a carcinogenic substance. Many patients taking ranitidine worry about the concerns linked to it. They are concerned about whether they should change their medication or not. However, before taking any decision, they should consult their doctor. The physician may prescribe replacement medicines that do not have any traces of NDMA. But, Zantac or ranitidine is not safe for prolonged use. So, feel free to discontinue taking the medicine. 

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Symptoms And Signs To Look For 

The negative effects of this medicine are – 

  •       Persistent cough
  •       Change in bladder or bowel habits 
  •       Blood in stool
  •       Sores that don’t heal 
  •       Low blood count or anemia
  •       Unusual discharge or bleeding 
  •       Changes in moles or warts 
  •       Indigestion or difficulty swallowing 
  •       Testicular or breast lumps or discharges
  •       Hoarseness or nagging cough

Possible Types Of Settlement 

As someone who has taken or takes this medicine for a long period, you would want to know about the kinds of claims you can obtain. If you are affected with cancer because of Zantac, the damages can include – 

  •       Compensation for wage loss and the loss of earning capacity 
  •       Suffering and pain, both mental and physical, before, after, and during the treatment period. 
  •       Loss of life enjoyment 
  •       Medical expenses resulting from the injuries, condition, or disease
  •       Punitive damage 

If you do not have cancer but are taking or have taken the medicine, you can still claim for a settlement. You will have to file the class-action lawsuit then. This may help you get all the money back that you have spent to purchase this medicine in your entire life. This also strengthens every litigation case against the makers of ranitidine. You may fight for – 

  •       Updated labeling on each container or box 
  •       Future consumer protection as well as higher levels of transparency 
  •       Further recall of the drugs containing a high amount of NDMA.
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The Bottom Line 

If you show the symptoms mentioned above and have taken Zantac, do not panic. Cancer can be cured in the early stages. But you should file the Zantac lawsuit through an experienced lawyer. 



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