Discover More on the 10 Things to Do When Visiting the United States

Discover More on the 10 Things to Do When Visiting the United States

When it comes to visiting the United States of America, there is never a wrong time. This vast country spanning 3000 miles with 50 big states, the District of Columbia and five territories, is a travel destination that will always thrill and delight. Now the question is why this country is worth exploring? Well, here you go.

A Brief at the 10 Must-try Experiences

If you have made up your mind to visit the United States of America, then do not forget to try your hands on the following,

  • Visit the Natural Parks- If you are a nature lover and wish to be under the lap of nature then do not miss the Grand Canyon and the famous National Parks including Yosemite Park, Grizzly Bears, and the Yellow Stone. In fact, if you are an outdoor person, these natural wonders should be on the bucket list.
  • Do Not Miss New York- This is a vibrant city, a city which never sleeps. The New York City offers everything from shops, music, fashion, exhibitions, and museums to more.
  • Discover Route 66- Once in the USA, you cannot afford to miss a road trip on the most famous road- Route 66. The route begins from Chicago and travels all across up to Los Angeles.

Discover More on the 10 Things to Do When Visiting the United States

  • Stay in Vegas- The famous “City of Sin” Vegas is worth a visit. What makes this place unique is its eccentricity. You can experience the glamour of this city by staying in a luxurious hotel.
  • Enjoy Live Sports- In the USA you can choose from a lot of sports events right from football, baseball, basketball to hockey and more. Attending these will be an out of the box experience. Apart from these, one of the most spectacular sports which the United States of America is extremely popular for is horse racing. The main types of horses available for racing here include quarter horses, endurance breeds, and thoroughbreds. For more information, log on to TVG.
  • Golden Gate Bridge- You will fall head over heels in love with San Francisco as this city is different from the other American cities. Some must-try experiences here include visiting Lombard Street or riding the popular cable cars. Most importantly, crossing the marvelous Golden Gate Bridge is worth it as it is from this point you can take pleasure of breathtaking panoramic views as well as view the Alcatraz jail.
  • Accept a Food Challenge- Americans love street and junk food. In fact, they are kings in it. No wonder this country has bagged many accolades in the Guinness Records like the biggest ice cream scoop, most layers in the sandwich or world’s biggest hot dog. You will come across many restaurants here that organize food challenges so if you love to eat, give these challenges a try.
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Discover More on the 10 Things to Do When Visiting the United States

  • Experience Hollywood-If you wish to experience Hollywood visits the Dolby Theatre, the Walk of Fame, the classic sign of Hollywood and also the palm trees.
  • Theme Park- Everything in the USA is big and grand, and there is no exception in the case of theme parks as well. Visit the Disney Factory and Universal Studios and become a child again.
  • White House- Your visit to this country will be incomplete if you do not visit the White House which along with being the protagonist has also witnessed countless vital episodes in American History.

So, if you plan to visit the United States of America make the most of these experiences.

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