How to profit in an up-trending futures market in London

The London futures market is one of the world’s oldest and largest financial markets, with a long history of lucrative trading opportunities for investors. In recent years, it has experienced a resurgence as the global economy continues to expand and become more interconnected. With increased interest from institutional and individual traders, it has become one of the most crucial investment vehicles to capitalise on up-trending prices. As such, understanding how to profit in an up-trending futures market in London can be a valuable tool for any investor looking to succeed in this highly competitive environment. 

Select a futures broker

One of the most critical steps in achieving profitability in the London futures market is finding a reputable futures broker in the UK who can provide you with access to the best products and services available. Futures brokers are specialised financial firms that act as intermediaries between investors and futures exchanges, providing essential services such as market analysis and order execution. When selecting a futures broker, it is essential to consider their track record, reputation, customer service record, and the range of futures products they offer.

Research futures contracts

The futures market comprises various futures contracts for different asset classes, so it is crucial to fully understand the products in which you are investing. Researching futures contracts means understanding the underlying asset class, its fundamentals, and the terms and conditions associated with each contract. Knowing the specifics of each futures product can help investors identify futures contracts that are more likely to generate higher returns. Additionally, it is essential to research the futures market’s liquidity and open interest, which can influence the futures price.

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Utilise trend-following strategies

Trend-following strategies are popular for futures traders looking to capitalise on an up-trending futures market in London. These strategies involve identifying the direction of a futures market trend and then entering long or short positions based on whether prices are increasing or decreasing. Additionally, trend-following strategies can involve using technical indicators such as moving averages and chart patterns to gain insight into how a futures market is likely to move.

Use futures options to manage risk

Futures options are derivative instruments that allow investors to speculate on the price of a futures contract without actually taking ownership of the underlying asset. Futures options can effectively manage risk when trading futures, as investors can use them to hedge against potential losses. Additionally, futures options can provide investors with greater flexibility in opening and closing positions and can be used to take advantage of opportunities for short-term profits.

Monitor market news and developments

Futures traders should monitor the news and developments related to futures markets to stay informed on current events that may impact the futures price. Additionally, traders should keep up with macroeconomic news and political developments related to futures markets, as these can significantly influence futures prices. By staying abreast of market news and developments, futures traders can better decide when to open or close positions to maximise profits.

Risks of trading in an up-trending futures market

Before investing in the futures market, it is essential for those interested in trading to be aware of the risks associated with such an endeavour. Trading futures carries some risk, as futures prices can move quickly and significantly due to changes in economic conditions and other factors. Therefore, investors should be familiar with the potential risks and ensure they have the resources and knowledge to manage them when trading in an up-trending futures market.

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Futures markets are highly volatile, and prices can move quickly in either direction, resulting in potential losses. This volatility increases the risk of trading futures contracts, as traders must be prepared to adjust their positions quickly or face significant losses.


In an up-trending futures market, leverage can enable traders to make large profits, but it also increases the risk of significant losses. Futures contracts are leveraged instruments, meaning a small price change can dramatically affect a position’s overall value. Therefore, it is essential to understand and evaluate the potential risks associated with leverage before investing in futures contracts.

Market manipulation

The futures market is subject to the potential for market manipulation, wherein traders attempt to manipulate prices in their favour. This activity can lead to significant losses for those trading in the futures markets and should be monitored carefully.

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