Walk Behind Lawn Mower Versus Zero Turn Lawn Mower

Walk Behind Lawn Mower Versus Zero Turn Lawn Mower

Both the mowers are considered to be the best when it comes to mowing. On the other hand, a zero turn mower or riding zero turn mower can be very helpful to users having large lawns with a wide area to cover

The typical walk behind the lawn mower is helpful for those users who are looking out to mow their yard once a month or weekly. As it can be a bit difficult for the to mow daily with a walk behind the lawn mower.

Daily mowers will require a zero turn or any riding mower which suits their need.

  • Yard size.

The yard size is the most important factor to look out for when you are buying a lawn mower let it be a walk behind or zero turn, you would want to check your lawn size before buying one. 

If you have a huge lawn with rough terrain or a lawn more than 200meters you should look out to buy a zero turn mower.

if you have a small yard with minimum radius you can go for a walk behind mower.

One should always check the yard size before making any decision, it might turn out that you invested more of your money on a mower which is made for heavy use and your lawn is small and easy work.

  • Electric Start.

Electric start in simple word is a button when you push it the engine of the mower starts. Sounds easy right?? Well it is easy and its the best part of purchasing a mower with this feature. You don’t have to plug in or use keys, just a fully charged mower and you can start mowing your lawn. 

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Electric starts are very helpful in saving your time as well.

The only problem electric start mowers have that you can’t keep them idle for a long time. As they won’t start easily when you use them after a long time.

  • Folding handle.

Folding handles can be very useful when it comes to storage. Having folding handles makes it easy to store the mower vertically without much of hassle. 

Folding handles will save up your space in the garage.

  • In the above article we have mentioned we have mentioned some differences between a walk behind & zero turn lawn mower.
  • We have also mentioned when should one purchase a walk behind or zero turn lawn mower.
  • The above mentioned factors should be taken into consideration before you buy a lawn mower, it can be a walk behind, zero turn, reel mowers anything.

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