What Kinds of Students Should Attend San Jose State University?

San Jose State University

If you’re seeking to narrow down your choices of universities to attend, you are probably searching for ways to narrow down your list even further. 

Sometimes, the best school for you depends heavily on what kind of person you are. So what kind of people tend to love going to school at San Jose State University? Here are some things that current and former students said. 

One student said:

Anyone looking for a fantastic multi-cultural and diverse experience in the heart of a busy downtown urban city will love the setting of San Jose State University. 

San Jose State offers a large variety of majors including fields of engineering, business, economics, biology, and an amazing kinesiology program. 

While you must of course meet San Jose State GPA requirements to get in, once you are accepted, it is a fantastic option to consider. 

Another student said:

They type of student that should think about attending San Jose State University should be both open-minded and career driven.

There’s a fantastic amount of diversity at San Jose State University since the diversity of the San Francisco Bay Area is also quite diverse.  Many individuals from all different kinds of backgrounds want to be in the heart of Silicon Valley, which makes sense considering it’s a place where business and technology blooms. 

One more student said:

Motivated, determined, and limitless with potential. Those are the kinds of students who best succeed at San Jose State University

This school does not have teachers who will hand-hold you as you continue your course, work but they will certainly love to help you if you ask for it. San Jose State University strongly feeds off of the culture and competitiveness of Silicon Valley and you will surely have to work for it if you have goals of being graded near the top of your class. 

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If you are able to do that, there is no doubt that the connections you make both with students who currently study there, or former students who are now proud alum, will serve you well as you continue your education or begin your professional career. 

One final student said:

When I first started studying at San Jose State University, I was a bit intimidated by the social scene. Students here are incredibly serious about their studies and it can be hard to break into a social scene at first. 

That being said, if you are an outgoing person and are looking to make friends, you will definitely be able to get people to break out of their shell and talk to you. 

There are some really good people who study here, but it can be hard to find them at first if you are quiet or socially anxious. First and foremost, you should focus on your studies and you will almost definitely find friends either in your field of study or in one of the many student groups you can join in your free time.

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