Holy Smokes! 8 Of the Most Fascinating And Best CBD Products On The Market Today

Holy Smokes! 8 Of the Most Fascinating And Best CBD Products On The Market Today

Marijuana isn’t just about getting high and blowing smoke.

Well, for some people it is. But for many, cannabis can be a medical life-changer. CBD essential oil and other CBD products are changing the way the world looks at marijuana and its family.

But before we delve into the best CBD products like bath bombs and salves, let’s break down what it is and where it comes from.

So Where Does CBD Come From?

You’ve heard the word cannabis. Marijuana is cannabis. Hemp is also cannabis. Cannabis is a group of plants, simply consisting of cannabis sativa and cannabis indica.

Marijuana can fall inter either group. Marijuana has sativa plants and indica plants. But hemp only has sativa plants.

Both marijuana and hemp contain cannabinoids, the most prominent and relevant ones being THC and CBD. THC is what gives its users a psychological high. It can help users with trouble sleeping, anxiety, pain, depression, and many other ailments. CBD can do the same thing, but WITHOUT the psychological high, making it a trendy and reputable new way to treat many different ailments.

And while THC can have concentrations of up to 40%, hemp only has about 0.3% or less. That being said, hemp is used for many commercial products and has way less legal restrictions.

But both are used to make CBD products.

So What Are the Best CBD Products?

Here are 8 of the most fascinating and helpful products on the market today.

1. Oil You Can Vape

CBD vape oil is a growing phenomenon. CBD can be extracted from either marijuana or hemp, leaving the THC out of the occasion. It’s a fantastic option to tackle issues such as anxiety or muscle pain, WITHOUT the THC high.

It can also help with insomnia, your skin, and learning to focus.

2. CBD Essential Oil

Essential oil is different than vape oil in that instead of vaping, you ingest it. Most users squeeze drops under their tongue and let the CBD oil do the job from there. While vaping may hit you faster because it goes directly to your bloodstream, using essential oil under your tongue can be easier on your body for some and also more convenient with everyday use.

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THC essential oil also provides medicinal relief with issues like anxiety and lack of sleep. It can be used in the same way or in other ways like in butter and other oils in cooking!

3. THC Bath Bombs

Both THC and CBD bath bombs are an amazing way to relax your mind and body. Their intention is to create an overall feeling of peacefulness and comfort while enjoying a hot bath.

If you’re feeling frisky, you could even make your own.

One of the best CBD bath bombs you can buy is Kush Queen’s nourishing options for every occasion. Whether it’s pain you have or love you need or sleep you’re craving, these CBD and/or THC bath bombs combined with essential oils are a great option.

And if you’re looking for a work of art on its own, try this Flower Child Bath Bomb which will leave you feeling relaxed, and surrounded by beautiful colors and flower petals and a crystal point as it fizzes apart in your bath.

4. Salves and Rubs

Many people suffer from sore skin or strained muscles, and they deserve some relief without a THC high.

That’s where salves and lotions and rubs come in. There are many on the market, and none will get you high, but they’ll all provide relief or relaxation, or both.

Check out this CBD Rub, available in both lavender and lemongrass. And ladies, you can even rub it on your bellies during those few days of killer monthly cramps.

5. The Yummy Stuff

That’s right – we’re talking gummies and chocolate and cake pops and more!

And just to reiterate, if you stick with CBD, you won’t be getting high. But you’ll get pain relief or solace from anxiety.

In fact, CBD essential oil edibles are great for travel. Instead of popping a Xanax, many travelers are vying for a safer option in their CBD edible choices.

6. The Search for Delicious

Have you ever read that novel where a scrawny pre-teen boy goes on a mission for the King to define “delicious” in food form? Well, at the end of the book he realizes the answer is water! And I can tell you with confidence that many of us do not make the time to drink enough water.

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But that’s where CBD water can help! It’s the perfect, natural way to hydrate both before and after a workout. And if you’ve got sore muscles or are trying to get back into shape or just need some TLC in water form, CBD water might be what you’re missing.

7. Flower Power

Are you over the THC high but still want to experience the calming act of smoking a joint. Well, you still can! You can smoke hemp rolls. The THC concentration is so low, you won’t feel the psychological effects that you do from marijuana. You’ll only get that CBD calming effect for sleepless nights or anxiety-ridden afternoons.

And if you’re in the market to enjoy both, check out strains like Jungle Cake from TLC Collective.

8. Caffeinated and Calm

You wouldn’t necessarily pair the two but interestingly enough, they go together like yin and yang.

CBD infused coffee beans are amazing. You’ll still get your morning rush in a cup of joe, but with a more tranquil, awake state of mind. You get the benefits of caffeine, but the CBD helps to counteract some other side effects of coffee like anxiety or the jitters.

Where Will You Go from Here?

Figure out what you’re looking for in CBD products. Would you like to include THC essential oil for a bit of that psychological high? Or is it only CBD you’re looking for? CBD will not get you high but it will help with ailments like anxiety and muscle pain.

Do you have anxiety? If so, try a vape pen or some edibles.

Do you suffer from muscle pain? Try a CBD rub or some CBD water.

Either way, the best CBD products are available in many forms!

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