10 Signs Your Body Has Too Much Estrogen And How To Start Flushing it Out Immediately

10 Signs Your Body Has Too Much Estrogen And How To Start Flushing it Out Immediately

Hormones play an important role in every function of our body. Being the messaging agents, it has the job of sending the needed information by every organ on what they should do, how it should be done, and when to stop doing those tasks.

Our hormones are produced by the glands and other parts constituting the endocrine system. Every cell membrane has hormone receptors, and this is where the hormones are sending their “signals”.

In women, hormones aid their reproductive system in preparation for producing a child. The hormones that help in this milestone are the estrogen and progesterone. While progesterone is a steroid hormone that prepares the uterus for pregnancy, estrogen is beneficial not only in the further process and development of the system, but it also has a contribution in the other changes a woman undergoes.

Estrogen: Every Female’s Major Sex Hormone

Estrogen pertains to a group of sex hormones that are essential for the development of a woman’s reproductive and sexual development. There are three types that constitute in a woman’s body system-the estradiol, estrone, and estriol.

Produced from the ovaries and adrenal glands, it also helps in the development of the woman’s physical secondary characteristics like the hair in the armpit and private area, hips and the breast. It also plays a vital role in the menstrual cycle, the formation of the bones and the color of the skin.

How to Flush Too Much Estrogen Out Immediately

There are various ways we can reestablish these high problems on estrogen. Moreover, we can do using some of these are inexpensive and widely available anywhere.

Here are some of them:

1. Reduce Xenoestrogens

Xenoestrogens are chemical compounds that are detrimental to one’s body. We may not be aware of it, but there are lots of things that trigger more exposure to xenoestrogens in our system. We can have it in plastic stuff such as water bottles and Tupperware, cosmetics, toiletries (things we definitely do not miss), birth control pills, among others.

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It is always best that we stay away from these mentioned things. Read the compounds on everything that we are using to ensure that what we are using are safe from these harmful compounds.

2. Ensure to Have an Efficient Elimination

We are doing natural ways to remove toxic things out of our body, and one of them is from our stool. However, experiencing constipation does not give us uncomfortable feeling, but it lets those harmful chemicals like these xenoestrogens to continue to stay in our system and invade it, leaving us with nothing but sickness. To maintain regular bowel movement, we should drink 2-3 liters of water daily, consume foods that are rich in fiber which aids in healthy digestion, and eat foods with an excellent source of probiotics as well.

3. Ensure the Health of the Liver and Maintain the Estrogen Detoxification

Our liver helps our system to convert harmful estrogen into milder and less strong ones. That is why maintaining the overall health of the liver can benefit our body from receiving too much estrogen. To achieve this, we should avoid eating processed foods and alcoholic drinks, prevent yourself from overeating, and eat foods that support liver health like eggs, garlic and onions.

Signs that Your Body Has Too Much Estrogen

Like other parts and hormones in the body, having adequate production of estrogen is needed by the body to maintain the proper bodily functions. Anything that is too much can cause worse effects not only on how the other parts of the perform their tasks, but it can also be manifested on unusual changes in the physical, mental and emotional aspects of a woman suffering from it.

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Most of the time, as the body produces too many levels of estrogen, other hormones are produced in insufficient amounts. Aside from the genes, having too much estrogen are caused by treatments like estrogen replacement therapy that is given to patients who experiences worse symptoms of menopause. Furthermore, other reasons include hormonal contraceptives, antibiotics, natural or herbal remedies at home, and medications like phenothiazines which are prescribed to treat some mental or emotional disorders.

Here are some manifestations that your body produces too much estrogen in the system:

  1. Pre-menstrual syndrome  effects (swelling of the breast, intense emotions, mood swings, physical pains like headaches)
  2. Irregular menstrual period
  3. Brain fog or losing the concentration and having trouble remembering things
  4. Loss of hair
  5. Dysfunction in the thyroid, which are hypothyroidism (low thyroid hormone production) and hyperthyroidism (high production of the thyroid hormones)
  6. Metabolism dysfunctions
  7. Difficulty in having a regular sleeping pattern
  8. Low libido
  9. Unexplained weight gain, especially in the hips and abs part
  10. Unexplained fatigue

Complications of Having Too Much Estrogen in the Body

As mentioned, having intense estrogen production can cause worse effects on the body. People experiencing this due to hereditary reasons have higher risks of having ovarian tumors, obesity and liver diseases.

Furthermore, other medical conditions like a blood clot, thyroid diseases, stroke, heart attack, breast cancer, and ovarian cancer will likely to occur as well. For men, higher levels of estrogen can cause depression.

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