4 architectural home designs worth your time and money

4 architectural home designs worth your time and money

Your home is your castle. This a place where you will hopefully live for decades, if not your entire life. Choosing the right style, the right look for your home can be nerve-racking. There are so many styles to choose from, all beautiful, all stylish. However, there are four that have withstood the test of time, designs that we have decided to present to you today.

You can choose between the exotic Mediterranean design, the classy Colonial feel, the elegant Southwest look, or the good ol’ rugged Mountain house. More details below.


The Mediterranean style evokes the feeling of beaches, the sea, and the wonderful hot Sun. It’s a combination of styles, leaning on Greek, Italian, and Spanish traditions. Perfect for warm areas, houses in this style are beautiful, most often built in colors of eggshell white, deep red and brown, with hints of gold and black.

Most often built with stucco, with large arched doorways and windows, these homes let a lot of natural light in. This style is perfect for those hot summer days, especially since it incorporates many elements that allow you to spend as much time outside as possible. These homes often have large courtyards paved with terracotta, with lots of greenery and vegetation outside.  A patio and a nice porch, with a fountain in the courtyard, are an absolute must.

You notice that most of the façade of the house is actually pretty neutral. What makes it actually pop are elements that draw the eye to themselves. Deep red roof tiles, heavy doors, and wrought iron are all there to steal your attention.

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4 architectural home designs worth your time and money


Colonial homes were at first all about function over style. Since the early colonists didn’t have the luxury of experimenting with style, they built symmetrical houses with strict windows grids, made out of wood, with a brick façade.

They may seem boring at first glance, but there is an air of history behind them, a feeling of the old. In fact, Colonial homes with stone exteriors (although a bit rare) are beautiful. Some have wings on the side, which you can set up as you see fit, getting either a garage and guest house or an extended kitchen. Contacting a good architectural firm, like Sitecraft for example, can help you get all modern comforts for your home, while still keeping that old, classic look.

The interior of a Colonial home has certain elements that make it much more ornate than it does at first glance. The low ceilings often have details and touch-ups, and you’ll definitely find crown moldings and ornate trim all around the house. Furthermore, you can find old wooden beams in the attics of Colonial homes. These can give a sense of flair you can rarely get with any other home.


The Southwest style is a strange and beautiful mix of Mediterranean, Adobe, Florida, and even a touch of Modern. Their exteriors have stucco, flat roofs, with lots of stone and wrought iron. Made in warm, earthy colors, with an asymmetrical design, with large courtyards, they’re perfect for warm days that you spend outside with friends and family.

However, they do not go overboard with ornaments, and often have exposed rafters, arched openings, and large beam supports.

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As with the Mediterranean style, the courtyard is open and large. Most often it’s placed at the rear of the home, giving you lots of privacy and shade. These are often minimalist, eco-friendly homes, helping you reconnect with nature. The interiors are filled with tile or brick floors and wood beams, keeping you both tied to nature, and safe from its heavy heat.

4 architectural home designs worth your time and money


Mountain homes are a bit different than the rest on this list. They are not so much known for their style, as they are for the location where they are built. In other words, they can greatly vary. Still, there are some common elements that bind the most popular mountain homes.

Obviously designed for rugged and mountainous areas, these homes are there to protect you from the elements. One of the unique elements that tie homes like these is the fact that it uses local materials. Wood and stone, most often acquired from the very landscape in which the house is set in, helps these homes blend in with nature. They have rustic details, like large decks and porches, with chimneys made from stone. A typical log cabin is an excellent example of a mountain home.


Choosing the right style for your home depends on your preferences, as well as where you live. A Mountain style home may look nice, but it won’t really do well in a hot climate. And getting a Mediterranean style home just won’t be feasible somewhere cold. It’s up to you to decide which of these timeless styles are you going to use.

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